A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I think we're all turning into nocturnal people. Seriously.
Or at least quite a number of us.

In order to finish up our assignments and presentations preps we end up staying awake till the early mornings between 4 am to 10 am. And sleep after that till afternoons if there's nothing to attend to. Infact, we even miss our early morning lectures once in a while which are pretty much nothing now since the semester's ending and syllabus are done.

I even sleep early enough to give someone wake up calls at 5.30 am. haha

Sometimes, we end up not even sleeping throughout the whole morning as we've got group meetings and even today, we had presentations to go for. Hence, only sleeping after we were done which btw, my groups' was at 5.45pm and I must say, we did pretty darn brilliant. I'd probably end up going to my friends room or probably to the car if I was THAT desperate to sleep. HAHA. yes.

And so. Our lifestyles so turned upside down that we eat lunch which is usually our first meal of the day at tea time. =S

I'm pretty sure we ALL can't wait till next week cause that's when our last of assignments are due for. And only to slave for exams starting on the 8th of January and we're off for a short term break.!

I'm amazed that I can even manage to drive up and down without falling asleep. hehe

Infact, I'm gonna have a short sleep now. And wake up at midnight to continue on my report.

Nite ya'all!


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