A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pffft. I absolutely dislike it when people change or set my settings for me as if it's their own computer without asking me for my permission or neither did I ask them to..

For example, those pop up msgs, alerts or something. There's a reason why I want them to pop out... and then after I mentioned it.. the person still has the guts to say, 'what for? it's the same msg every time and it's annoying.' At least have the courtesy to apologize. GARH. I'm ok with it if they can be set back to the original. But, what's worse is that some of these cannot be changed back, like those where you tick "do not show this msg again" box. (unless is there's a way that I'm unaware of)

I give u a smack alright. Then you shall turn the other cheek and might as well let me smack that side too.

As small this matter may be. It's not that I'm making a big fuss out of the changes made. Infact, I couldn't bother so much of the changes already been done. It's just that I find that "making the self-decisions as if your own belonging" act an extremely selfish and rude thing to do.

Gosh, what has happened to moral and manners?


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