A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And so.. it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. And frankly speaking, I've either:

1. Had something I wanted to share, but just never got to penning it down
2. I've been swamped with lotsa things to do
3. I'm just plain lazy to blog


I've fallen sick. Twice in a row. And to think that I was just telling someone that I had not been ill for 2 years already. Which is something new, cause I remember that during my high school years, or at least the second half of it, I would, without fail, definitely catch the same virus twice a year, constant timing which were always between the period of my mid terms or after. And the second would be towards the end of the year, in November. After Form 5, I was healthy to the brink! So, last week was either a mild case of stomach flu or food poisoning. Then on Monday, I got the whole cough and fever thing. Despite my attempt to pamper it before the inflammation started, it back fired. Instead of soothing it down, it was aggravated. So much for that 2 hot honey lemon the night before which was just part of the "regime".

Though I must mention this that I somehow feel much more smarter when I'm sick. Well, not smarter, but that my memory power and brain capacity's much better. Haha. Sounds quite unreasonable right! ;)

I've been swamped with so much work and so little time. With the whole church thing, some extra job thing I promised a friend and university work.
What's bugging me is that having been under the 100% based examination education lifestyle, and the sudden switch to having to do really long assignments. I'm so not used to the whole research, compiling, referencing bla bla bla thing. I've been really putting off on starting my assignments which some counts for my entire marks. I feel so alienated by it. At first, I thought how hard can these subjects be, cause the subject title seemed really simple, like Computers in Business. I thought simple lah, just basic computer stuffs(i.e. Ms Excel, Web strategy and all those thingamajiggy) which I already do know about. Then comes out the bidding Case Study Report and suddenly hearing foreign abbreviations of the "cyber, computer etc... ( I also don't know what to call them)"

Three 3000 words, one 1500, two group assignments which both requires a lot of things that I've never touched or learnt on in my entire life. Having to come up with a poster design, and learning how to create our own bidding proposal plan with a whole exhibition layout and guide to think of. On a freaking topic that makes zero sense to me! haha. Okay, it's not THAT bad. Just something I've very minimal knowledge on. And later present. =.=

Best part is their all due extremely soon. One's due in a weeks' time. T.T

Lately, I've been having this attitude of really not wanting to get involved or being part of something that I should continue going for. And even not wanting to socialize so much with them. Somehow, I think I've been somewhat avoiding talking to them when I really don't want to. Not that I don't like them or anything. I just somehow want to isolate myself from them.. I think it's partly due to feeling "guilty" of not going. BAD, but I don't know why I feel this way. I think I need to start going again so that I'll get over this self proclaimed "rebellious phase".

Okay. That's it. Today's post is filled with a lot of words of rambling. Just for the sake of an update!
Till the next time when I feel, smart and inspired. And not lazy

Ooh, I've gotten slightly darker now(or at least I'd like to think I have), which.. I like! hahaa..(if you remember reading one of my later post where I mentioned bout me liking to be dark/tanned skinned.) Thanks to last Saturday. Had a nice time of "basking" in the sun at the zoo(okay, I know that somehow sounds like I was one of the animals lazing in the sun. LOL) with the kids from Prima and Sentul. Even got a slight sunburn, which I didn't realize till the next day. Guess I should've slabbed on a thicker layer of sunscreen! It was a fun time. Sure was. Gonna miss 'em kids and it'll be a couple of months more till I start seeing them again.


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