A paradoxical oxymoron?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Now, sometimes I just amaze myself in more ways than one. XD

I'm quite proud of myself actually. Being the first time ever having to write out a whole report of and on my own. I took one day to get my info and draft out my critical assessments. Another one day to type the whole freaking assignment out. Spent another one more editing i.e reconstructing, shortening and adding in diagrams and images.
Voila, printed and handed in. Still have one more day before the deadline, but I'm too lazy to drive all the way up there just to hand it in before 2pm. having to come back down by 4.

I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with my work despite starting erm, 5 days prior to the deadline. Though if not because I started last minute.. I'd definitely do much better and probably get much higher marks too. Not to mention, the word limit. If not, I would've gone quite a bit more.. and erm, have much more flower-ish grammatical sentences. If there is ever such thing.

Oh.. I'll get the most of the 45% marks allocated for this assignment.

OKAY. Self-praising and self-gratification moment over. heheheeee ;)

So, so soooo not a good idea to start late. Aish.
But, no matter what, I really thank God for His provision over me. =)

However, I'm doing what I always do to myself to stress myself out again.
By setting extremely high expectations and "nearly perfectionism" results/work of myself.
And when I've handed in the work, I'll always go.. crap. should've added this should've said it that way.

I'll never be satisfied.
Though, by the next day, I don't exactly bother anymore. Taking the outcomes as it is. haha

now, off to do my reflective text for the barometer. which by the way, deadline's in a few hours and I was given two weeks to fill it in. HarDeeHarrr

PARENTAL ADVISE : Children are strongly encouraged to not follow these actions at home or anywhere in general as it is highly probable to jeopardise yours' and their future.

yes, i'm making pathetic attempts to amuse myself


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