A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, December 07, 2008


There are two sides to it.

One's where it brings in a fresh cool wind, clearing up the hazy sky and air when it stops and seeing a rainbow on a sunny rainy day.

And most obviously the best time to just sleep.
Then there's the joy in walking in the rain. (obviously, the consequence would be to possibly catch a cold. But heck, sometimes, it's just nice and very relieving to just be under the rain)
And a good chance of getting "closer to the other person" with the excuse of sharing an umbrella ;)

It brings life too! There's just so much more to rain. But, we'll go into that another day.

Rain however, also could be the most dreadful thing to happen. The dark cloudy sorrowful sky. The flooding, accidents. Inconvenience in some ways to.

Being stuck in the rain where movements are still or at least disallows a person to continue their smooth journey allows time to think and ponder. Sometimes, rain brings reflections.

Having to drive in a heavy downpour is not nice.
Whether there's a jam or not.

What's worse than having to drive in a heavy rain even without a jam is..

Being stuck in the car for 30 minutes, feeling hungry as they were supposed to go for lunch, and the atmosphere in the car is just bad. Having just had a little disagreement and argument, obviously, neither one is going to try their luck and say something just incase something stupid may come out and trigger something again. So, the cooling off moment was spent stuck in the car in heavy rain, silent enough you could probably hear the rumble of a hungry stomach. I'd pity the driver though. Frustrated and bad road conditions. ;P

Okay. That was just a non-related post. Just to rant. Haha.

Just like the rain, sometimes many things become blurry. Causing us not to see the clear picture. It's like driving in heavy rain, barely able to see the road and in an unfamiliar place. We feel lost and unsure of what lies ahead. Realising that we missed it, only that it's too late having to turn back.

But the difference is, in life, there's no turning back but only to hope and pray that there'll be another chance of route up ahead and this time we'd make the turn.

Many a times, we need to be clear of where we're heading which is why we should always be prepared. Be it physically, mentally or spiritually. However way, as long as we've identified possible areas of barriers and think of possible solutions.
Not everything in life can be taken as "let's see how it goes and run with the wind" Sure, it's much more thrill-seeking and fun but the risk's much more damaging.

Even so, conforming to the patterns of the world, is what can cause your eyes to go all blurry and soon blind. We ought to instead, be in the world but not of the world and constantly keep our mind clear, transformation and renewing of the mind to ensure we are not being bombarded by the pretty surface image. Cause behind every pretty image, has an ugly or empty side to it.

However, even if we do get stuck behind all that blurriness, fret not, for every storm comes to an end. And the sun rises, drying up the rain and hence, up comes the clear image. Perhaps clearer, with all the dust and dirt washed off.

Now, the question is whether, you'll take note of the clear picture, and continue to take that path even during stormy weather or do we continue to be misled, on a sunny or another stormy day?
As simple and obvious the answer is, but how many of us really do choose that?


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