A paradoxical oxymoron?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Extremely productive unproductive Thursday day it was.

I was awake till 4am on Wed doing things I should and shouldn't be doing. Went to sleep after that having to wake up for an appointment at 10.30. Initial plan was to go home and shower after the app and errands and head over to the Library to do my assignments and such. BUT me, being me, decided to change her mind last min. Seeing no one was home again, went to ta-pau lunch at Seputeh whilst her mind battles as to go or not. Ended up staying at home instead. Also cause it was going to rain and that I'd just waste more time on travelling and getting settled and not staying there till late cause of not wanting to drive back late. =s And ultimate fact that it wouldn't be as comfortable. hehe..

SO, I was honestly going to start on writing out my assignment but got distracted with playing games for an hour. Finally started on my work. Couple of hours later, wanted to take a short nap cause of the rain and my mind trying to excuse herself from work but ended up going downstairs thanks to the dog "dragging her paw up and down, spoiling the wooden front door" due to thunder and ended up in front of the T.V.! For two hours and then was gonna go back up then suddenly I just had to pop the Gangs of New York into the DVD player and wasted another 2 hours plus and more TV after that. Argh, temptations of the father who just came home wanting to watch something before going for cell. And to think he wanted to watch The Godfather 2 which I didn't want cause it's really long and he's gotta go off which I would've def end up wasting even more time watching it. Sure, thought I'd stop watching when it was time for him to go since I watched it before, but no..again. Had to finish watching it.
Noticed I didn't mention dinner? Cause there was literally nothing to eat at home that was already cooked and I was too lazy to cook something up or to go out and eat. Just see how lazy I can be???

Therefore, my initial plan of hoping over to the library and spend my hours on finishing my essay ended up to be quarter the hours spent on work and the rest on entertainment. The perks and disasters of being at home, what more alone is having the quiet and comfort but too much. And no pressure to get back to work. If only the mother was home early and she'd at least ask what I did the whole day much sooner then I'd at least go back to work. Instead came home at 11, saw me watching tv and started chatting away. Probably thought I did A LOT of studying when I mentioned I was doing my work today. Way too much distraction at home! My allocated max rest time of 2 hours plus became, erm, 8 hrs in total. See, I even came to blog instead of working on my essay!

Next time, I ought to just stick to not staying home when it comes to studying and work. Could've finished up my assignment already. Pfffft..

If you actually read finish my purposely elongated crappy overly descriptive rant. You must really have a lot of time and is bored OR you must really want to know about my life happenings. Either way, congratulations! HAHAH!

It's 2.30 a.m. As usual am not feeling sleepy yet and I've class at 10 till bout 5 ish.


  • hahahah woman! ya man.. i think I NBTD... the past two nights reading up groupmates work till like 2-3am... =( getting headache edi! lack of sleep!

    By Blogger san*shine, at Mon Nov 24, 11:08:00 am  

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