A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was going through my draft and I re read what I wrote at that point of time of my erm, unexplainable uncontrollable emotionally wrecked breakdown moment. Now that I read back, I really sound so silly and emo. When I talked to him on the phone. He actually laughed at and made fun of me. lol. But I guess that's his way of cheering me up. =) It's funny how I was actually crying when I was typing this and well, even after when I was "stoning" in bed.

That day has finally come. (ever since the day you first flew off)

Where I wished you were here with me.

That someone whom I can get a humongous hug from and just be able to embrace the love and know that you'll protect me from everything no matter how much it takes. Someone who'll always sayang me and layan me when I want to be manja-ed. The one person whom I can always count on for as long as we live. Who will only want and think of the best for me. The person whom I believe and am certain is willing and will take the first flight home from that place of unpredictable weather immediately if something were to happen to me.

And so, I wish you were beside me to cry away to and let the world go by. Instead of having to result to silent crying.

I love you always and I miss you.
There. I said it. *ooh, big round of applause plskthx*


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