A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Many gracious thanks to those who wished me :)

In fact, I was touched by some of the "special" ones.
Seriously, some of them nearly caused a big ass laughing riot by me. And some I could nearly cry.

Truth be told, I was also surprised that some of you whom I thought would've forgotten or rather never expected to be bothered, still remembered. Especially those from school.. I feel really appreciated to be remembered cos, well, I kinda forgotten a lot of yours.
SORRY! Seriously. Would you have expected a wish from someone you barely knew.. or someone you were just, just schoolmates with. and someone who, erm, never mind.

Anyhoots. I love you guys :)

Oh yes..
Something for a belated mother's day.

"If it weren't for your push, I'd still be stuck in your womb"

Raymond, Everybody Loves Raymond.

I love you momsie! more than anything could ever describe.

For being the only mother I'll ever have and for being MY mother :)

I won't put some cheesy Thank you for bla bla bla. They're just erm, overly cliche-d and purely overly said/used. God knows if they really mean it.

I know this is way darned late but heck, I don't need a reason or special day to tell her that :)


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