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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year 2006?

Is it me, or is it that 2006 has definitely been an extremely different and much more memorable year compared to other years for many. Seems like 2006 is one of those years of turning point in many lives.
Sure it wasn't really an easy year for me, but somehow I managed to pull through, with the grace of God that is, and the people around me.

Oh, many big events have happened, but that's another thing all together.

Well, quite late but heck. Here it is, and it's long. Very 'cheong hei'. hehe

Relationships were formed, good ones and a few bad ones.

College in general. Bad ones you ask? Let's just not get there.

Yet, many have been stringed further. Some like strangers.

Despite the amount of time spent together during school time. Infact, I've never really kept in touch with the majority of my school friends. Sure, there's the many random "hey lets meet up" which I have ffk-ed a gazzilion times, or random bumpings which were just short chats. Nothing much. No catching up. But, it is somewhat my own fault.

Especially one person. From the daily text messaging habit of 3 years to nearly none at all now. Now, I daily text someone else. It's just queer when I think of it yet saddening at the same time. 5 years of friendship, 3 really close bonding ones but all gone just like that.

Also happens to be the year where I had many firsts.

Many important first things have happened this year, but some are private. But there is one.. Not exactly an important first but One I'm rather proud of.

The library visits. I've been to the library more times then I've cleaned my room my entire life in just half a year. Never in my entire schooling life have I stepped into a library (not counting the forced ones) till this year, and happens to be where I spent a lot of my time in college... Well, that was after the obsession with foosball and pool stopped. Incredibly amazed with that...


Well, more in church and less (make that nearly zero) in school, or rather college. Well, elaboration on this would take a lottt of space. Maybe another time.

New people.
New environment.
New experiences.
New learnings.
Even more confrontations.
More challenging challenges.
Different role plays.

And lastly, of course, which is a good thing...

is that the amount of classes I ponteng has lessened by 95%.. Considering that I ponteng-ed nearly half of my school years away.
So, you do the math.

No. I do not encourage skipping classes. It’s no good.. hehe

However, most importantly is that, I have definitely build a stronger faith, deeper passion and love and closer relationship with God this year. My stand in my belief has definitely been shaken at times, but He has never failed to bring me back up. Never.
It's definitely a challenge to stand up and be strong as a Christian esp. in college. It's different from when it was in school.

I tend to wonder if really, did I do Him proud with my conduct in life. How I bring myself all at times. But then, I remember, I'm only human. Humans make mistakes, wrong doings. But, as long as I know the truth and live truthfully, it's ok. However, those challenges are rather fun, and at the same time, strengthening.

Again, I really thank God for providing me with many ppl who have blessed me in many interesting ways, and I hope you all will continue doing so and that more great things will come for 2007.


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