A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Syiok sendiri-ness

Look at what I found. A random pic back in 2003. Candid shot during last day of cf camp.

The budak gigi besi ;)

My really long hair. i miss youuu.. it was literally down to my sleeves ;)
Now it's just erm, still long, but not as long and as nice. it was like all nice, long and straight.
I quote my friend... " Horse hair/tail"

And now if you compare my "pose" then and now..
fuyooh. look at the difference. hahahah
Oh okay. 3 years later and I look the same.
Not much diff, just that I'm more, erm, " vainpot-ish poser-ish" now when it comes to picture time. When i want to. Which is most of the time ; p



Mind me. I'm feeling rather aimless at this point. So yea, since i've nothing better to do than waste my already very limited time. Might aswell get on going with it. Ahahah..


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