A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Merry Belated Christmas everyone :)

What is Christmas really about to you?

I get aggravated over the commercialization of Christmas and the lack of focus our society placed upon Christ being the only real reason for Christmas. And i'm getting tired of it..

Is it really just another reason to shop, laze around, get drunk and laid?
Where's the logic behind giving presents just for the sake of giving if its not from the heart sincerely?
What's the deal with putting an 'X' instead of Christ? Not like Xmas sounds like Christmas anyway.
Why do you even want or have Santa in the picture? Who is he to be called the Father of Christmas anyway?
Why do you sing all those commercialized carols, meaning those with Santa, Rudolf, Frosty the snowman and others when Christmas isnt about them at all?

Speaking of commercialized carols, what kind of nut ever came up with carols such as this?

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas eve.
You can say there's no such thing as Santa,
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.
She'd been drinkin' too much egg nog,
And we'd begged her not to go.
But she'd left her medication,
So she stumbled out the door into the snow.
When they found her Christmas mornin',
At the scene of the attack.
There were hoof prints on her forehead,
And incriminatin' Claus marks on her back.

And we just can't help but wonder:
Should we open up her gifts or send them back?

Happily looking around for songs and I found this particular carol to my horror. Not only is it sickening, it's shocking to see its on the top downloaded list..
And all i could say was whatthe...

On another hand, I did find this..
Christ Is Christmas
By Russell Adams and Steve Israel

Christ is Christmas
No greater gift you'll find,
Christ is Christmas
God's gift to all mankind.

Though rich or poor
No greater gift you'll find
Than the gift of God's own Son.

Christmas is really about the day to remember, rejoice and celebrate the glorious birth of Jesus Christ. Why do you think Christmas is called Christmas with the name Christ in it!

And I'll end this with part of a song that really depicts what Christmas is

Christmas is your birthday Lord,
Jesus, Son of God.
You were born in Bethlehem,
as God’s gift to man.
Lord we celebrate on earth,
Your glorious virgin birth.
You we honour and adore,
now and evermore.

How we wish the world would see,
that this special day,
centers, Jesus Lord, on Thee,
not Santa Claus or me!
Not on decorated trees,
or fancy shopping sprees,
But on Thee, the Son of God,
Jesus Christ the Lord.

Oh while I'm at it, might as well wish you all a
Happy New Year!


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