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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

For the sake of love

For some odd reason, I've been hearing lots of romantic stories lately. Be it, while courting, marriage, small suprises etc.. Their so romantically sweet that it makes you go all "Awwww, that's so sweeettt!" (Well, okay, most of them) and makes you envious. And go, if only I had my share of that. hahahah. Now, I've had a share of my own sweet ones ( mostly from really close guy friends), not romantic, since they weren't technically courting me (or so I think, ahah) but really sweet. So sweet that if they were, I'd be all hearts. Well, that's not the point..

And so, as I was walking this thought suddenly struck me.

Why is it that we can go all out for the people we like just to make them happy. Put in as much effort, love, courage, time possible for the loved one and yet, barely even do so or think about God. And when, Saturday or Sunday comes, we suddenly go "I love You Father", " I need You to....". Worshipping and all. Typical Sunday church person.

If only we all could do just as much or even more to spend time with Him. And what's more is that it doesn't have to be so extravagent.
A simple prayer, chat, or anything is more than enough yet, we can't spare any for Him. Infact, a simple "Hello" or "Morning" does a lot.

Thank You so much, Father, for always being there for me, loving me without fail. And I love You too.


Yes, I know Valentines has already passed, but since I was MIA for a month missing the appropriate timing and I happen to be in the mood of doing this.
Here's one for a nice romantic date.

Flowers, candy and a really beautiful peaceful scenery

Courtesy of Beautiful Night
yes, they were all mine. heheh I felt the love ;)

Courtesy of some shop in London.
My dad lah..
Distracted me with caramel apples.. hehe

Courtesy of Aunt's backyard garden in London


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