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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mood - moodless
listening - Corrine Bailey Rae : Put your records on

In just a week i broke 2 records of my own and created a new one.

On Sunday - stepping into a pasar malam after nearly half a year.
On Tuesday- eating at a mamak after nearly 3 months.
- sleeping for 13 hours straight. which is a first for me.

Okay. My other half of the holidays just went to waste. hehe
The only useful thing i ever did the whole week where i was actually USING my brains was to prepare word for cell on sat.. hehe
This coming sat, will be doing the Project D. Decorating the Narrowstreet Sanctuary

The new July A-level intakes are in already. Saw a few friends of mine.
This saturday is some parent teacher day bull.
New couple in my class. Was suprised they got together. No one expected it. That has got to be the 5th one. Altho, i think one pair have broken up. Not sure, dont really talk to them.
New time table. I dont like it.. I want chem practical to be on Friday last to period as it used to be..
My physics lecturer,Mr. Suresh had some injury. Most probably be back next week. So, there'll be different subs taking over for the week.

It's funny how my thinking skills teacher, Ms. Esther always said my class is the worst class she has taught. and funny enough, when the results came out, we were one of the better scoring class. HAH. Like in your face woman..

The worst thing she ever said was this;

"Does this class take Further Maths? You do? I'm suprised."
well too bad, we just dont like you enough to participate in class n giving you smart answers.
some teachers are even suprised that with the marks we got, we are actually PE3 students. hehe well, who ask u to put us in on of the top classes. Neway... cant be helped, we're still new to this and well, for some of us, the drive to strive has yet to start. Worst thing is, trials is in like 5 to 6 weeks from now. and AS is in November!!! arghhh tension giler.

I found this really stupid. This conversation took place in a chinese restaurant on sunday.

Mom: What fish you have? Is the fish fresh?

Man: Ok, like that means u order steam fish la. Cause fried fish usually the fish not very fresh already. bla bla

Mom: Ok la. Anything else special u recomend?

Man: Deer ribs. *i was like eyerrrr hehe* Our own recipe.. bla bla bla.. I see you converse in english then only i recomend u the deer. if it's the chinese chinese, they will be like Deer? Don't want. Go away..

some laughing going on n more blahhhs. He kept saying, i know you will like this n that one. From the way you order can tell you want special things not the usual food.

Neway, the main highlight was the way he was talking bout the deer thing.. Esp with that LOUD voice of his.
So, my bro n i were wondering why n my dad said, cause it's a wild animal. Not that they dont like to eat wild or "exotic" animals, just the fact that they are from the WILD they dont eat them. Then i was like, if like that rite, why they eat monkey's brain, snake and all la. STOOOPID.

Disgusting chinese chinese. hehe more like the China chinese la.. Idiots..

Mood - TV!!!!
Listening - Savage Garden : Crash and Burn
(Ya know, 90% of the songs i've heard on monday was love songs.. Don't blame me, it was random shit even in the mall)


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