A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Long talks

Lately, there's been alot of conversations I've been having with one particular topic. Relationships. Be it family or friends. And they all came to one conclusion for me. No matter how well or how long they know me, I've been said to be a person with no worries and such. Always looking happy and carefree. Easy to click with and a social-lite. I somehow feel very very gay all the time. hehe. Been using the word alot lately, mainly cause of Eric aka Gayboy.

Sorry but i just had to promote your new name. ;) Neway, my gay is the happy gay.

Come to think of it, i'm just the kind who never liked sharing personal stuffs, struggles or just problems. I guess i'm the kind who's more independent. I don't look for help whether or not it would make things better or worse, but i solve them myself. Either that or i take all this troubles to be a light thing. I struggle sometimes, trying to take control of things and putting it to a stop. I feel it's better for me to get over with it as soon as possible. I don't let them get to me. I let go. So yea, that's my secret of me always being the happy me.
Then again, i don't have much problems. heheh, it's just petty stuffs. It's not like I'm one who always argue with my parents bout going out. I've got all the freedom I want. I mean that's the most common problem among my friends. I build good relationships with ppl.well, it applies only if we click and actually do build a relationship. With my family, i must say i'm one heck of a lucky kid. Parents who care and love and grounds simple usual "rules" yet gives lotsa freedom. I'm like the ultimate manja-est, loved, weird and random kid (so's my brother. Just runs in the fam I guess) I'm like so envied by many cause of that. My parents aren't exactly parents. They're a mixture of friends and parents. Ask any friend of mine that knows them. Oh how i loveee my life.

So basically, I live life as it is. What happens, happens, get over it. No point grumbling over it, letting it get to you when it's gonna make ur life more miserable. Everything happens for a reason. I'm hoping that convos like this stops popping out randomly. I'm getting sick of it.

Another reason why I never share and let go easily? It's cause i think to myself alot. From one thing to another and end up thinking of something else that has no relation whatsoever with what i began with in the first place. So on most occasions, usually bad ones, I end up losing track of what or where i started with or rather get lost with my other thoughts that wondered out along the way. And well, that's probly how i get over things easily and think of these stuffs as small problems. =)


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