A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, June 18, 2006


mood - happy
listening - Switchfoot : Stars

It's only been a week and i already feel rotten.

Rotting away by the seconds. How? I've been watching countless episodes of 24, Two and a half men, That 70's Show, Scrubs, Dilbert and Family Guy for a couple of days now. No more movies. Even after coming home from outings or meetings and such. Started since i ran out of books to read. I finished reading like 5 books already. And their thick ok. including the ones i saved for days like these. And there's nothing interesting left to be borrowed at the Book Rental shop at the moment. Maybe i'll just read the Tom Clancy book again. it's been looong since i read his books. The older ones when he was alive. They're good. K, i'm a fast reader. So sue me.

my newest series addiction. K, not addiction. Just something to look forward to watch on tv. No it's not Prison Break. i find it a lil predictable and not THAT interesting to be hyped up about. Hehe. Instead it's Commander in Chief. Not bad. It's kinda like a West Wing concept a bit.

On the other hand. World Cup's getting more interesting. Wait, it's always interesting. I mean the games are getting more interesting. eversince i mentioned about my "dissapointment" .. sheesh. should have expresssed it at the beginning of the season.. hehe

I think if i keep this up, i'm gonna go blind by all the damned radiation from the damned computer screen and tv. I mean that's all i've been doing. Sleep, go out, watching shows, world cup. It's like a routine. Gahh. Thank God I've only one week left. I'd be brain dead by then. hehe.

mood - happy?
listening - Naked Breed - Tribute


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