A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, June 05, 2006

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Yes. I'm back nearly after a month. So, exam started today. Stuuupid maths. Well, paper 1 was okay. but paper 6, sheesh. It wasnt ubberly hard, was a lil here n there. More like the last question.. It was just not what i thought it would have been. Geram...

Tomorrow's Further Maths. Wed thinking skills (which i must say am starting to have a lil joy of doing it. And it aint so bad afterall.) Thursday Phys n Friday is Chem. After that i'm freeeeee. Kinda la.

So yea, friday cell was good. We did I am the Resurection and the Life. And then sat, Ann shared on Heaven and Life after death. Wanna noe more go read it on Sharon's blog. I first heard it from her in Love UnAshamed last year but kinda forgot some of it. so yea, it was a good refreshing time. haha
It's so ngam that both the cell will be having cell outing. The Couz's Simply United's going to bukit tinggi but i'm not going. then Sat, Narrowstreet's Since1991 is going to OU.
Then at night i'll be having dinner with Muna and Nadeera for Muna's late bday dinner. It's so sad. Her birthday falls on the first day of exam. And Charlotte's. Yes, two of my classmate share the same birthday.

Went to BSC on sunday and there was a jaguar showcase. Arghhhh. i saw the XK sports car. dammnn nice.. the price was nearly to a million ringgit.
Talking about sports car, i've been seeing at least 2 sports car everyday the past week around the college area. And they are either the BMW Z4 or Z3 or the Smart two seater sports car.

Last Sunday was SIB's last service in CP tower. Lotsa memories there even though i was there from middle of 2003 only. Oh well, we're moving for the better. From a 500 plus seating sanctuary per service to a 1800 seating capacity hall. And that's just the main sanctuary. Next week will be the day we'll all feast our eyes on the amaaaazing place. God's been really great to us. The only thing that i wont be liking is that it wouldnt be so easy to spot friends now. hehe. Bumping into friends then would be so random. Unless, if we all seat at the same spot. It's alll good.

Going on. I was just thinking of this some days ago.
Without envy there wouldnt be jealousy. Therefore there wouldnt be a false without truth. Hence, i've come to a conclusion that the Davinci Code, a fiction is the false to challenge the truth, the Bible. Hmmm

Yes la. Fifa World Cup's starting just as i finish my exams. Ahhh, joy.
Alamak i nearly forgot bout this. There's a Top 20 Fifa World Cup Moments programme on the 9th June at 8.30! Either on 8tv or NTV7.. Must watch!

Feeling - I'm craving for a tomato and avocado salad with onions.. hrmms.. hehe.. so random..
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