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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mood- carefree
Listening - Goo Goo Dolls : Black Balloon

Today was the first ever service in the new church. Really awesome. To think 1800 was more than enough but no, extra chairs were brought in. whoot.. good sign. hehe Service was good. The main thing in today's sermon would be King Uzziah's 2 principle.

  1. As long as we seek the Lord, God will grant us success.
  2. And when He grants us success, do not be proud.

2 Chronicles 26

It was good to see many of the narrowstreets youths there as it was a first for many of them. Hope they'll keep it regular. After service, had lunch and went to watch Cars at the curve with a bunch of ppl.. Well, all i can say is that Cars isnt as good as what ppl have said. Well, ok it's one of the better animation movies but it wasnt great. Got a ride from Chris Chew to bangsar. Had a "niceeee" chat bout cats.. hmmm. i would so have killed him if i knew him as a kid.. Evil kid. Thank God he's changed. hehe

So yea, exams done. Physics was the real bomb out of all the papers. Am on holiday for 2 weeks. So that's gonna mean one heck of a longgg movie-book-sleeping-lepaking-bumming-worldcup marathon.. Any good books or movies to recomend? Oh yea, does anyone have the Gubra VCD/DVD?

World Cup. Some of the matches are really dissapointing. Not gonna say anything more. It'll just spoil my carefree mood..

Lemme see, my weekend.

Friday itself i went to one utama to celebrate Sharmane's 18th birthday. Had dinner in Itallianies. After hanging around in ou, some of us went to Shealin's place to watch movie. We discovered something very shocking! Some look a likes thingi..

And saturday, went to one utama again. Cell outing for the 15 year olds. Watched Benchwarmers. Good movie i must say. I mean, it's Rob Schneider! And produced by Adam Sandler. how can anyone not like that? It's my kind of movie.. The lame jokers would love this kind of movie.. There are those who won't like it cause well, it isnt their taste and some of them are the ones who dont get the stupidity and lameness of it. So yea, rachel, shealin and I were like their chaperones. haha.. since Sam left for HK in the morning n off to US after that (That's why i couldnt go for the Bukit Tinggi trip. Seems like they had lotsa fun there..) He'll be gone for a month. That nut is enjoying while he pushes all the job to the 3 of us. tsk tsk. hehe.. And Amanda who just came back on mon joined us! The dinner with muna n nad was cancelled. Postponed. so instead had dinner with manda, john, deb, emy n shealin.. Got a ride home from chris later. Oh the joy of him using Sam's car. hehe.. And then today..

Whee, this coming sat will be narrowstreets first ever service in the new church..

Or maybe instead of having my lonnng marathon i'll cut it to half n spend the other half to study. I have to quickly buck up. sheesh..

Mood- so so. after thinking back on the "chat".
Listening - Goo Goo Dolls : Sympathy


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