A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

princess pei pei?

Hey all.

Firstly i'd like to say a gazillion thanks to everyone who wished me on my bday and thanks for the pressies. Me lovess all of you.

Secondly, Rachel Ng. I so do not like you anymore. hehe u evillll. Because of you I didnt watch MI3. Now we have to wait for another day. hehee.. I know what's going through ur mind now. tsk tsk. we need to go for a brain wash la. seriously..

Guess what. now i've got 4 blogs to blog in now. Including this one. This is soooo weird. The other 3 blogs are the cell group blogs.

Ok. Going back to my title; Princess pei pei?

Letsee, ppl last called me pei pei in form 4. And now ppl have started calling me (princess) pei pei aloootttt. My loveunashamed gals, some of my classmates aswell. Even my maths lecturer/class mentor calls me that. Feels so funny when i hear him say that . Started around February where he had to make a comment bout the princess pei pei from Shanghai Knights. Why me laa. There's another girl in my class named pei wen. why not her.. sheesh. i must be reallly naughty n noisy in class cause she's quiet... Eversince then, he calls me as pei pei. He's so used to the name that there was once when he took attendance he goes, Pei Ling? Pei Ling? Ohhh, rite it's you pei pei. like whattheheck. sheesh. hehe

Anywhos, going on..

Why is it that ppl never guess my age correctly. Esp this month when i'm literally 18 already. First, weng onn goes,

"Exams coming up? bla bla bla... you form 4 rite? No, then form 5? No? Oh college ah"

Luckily he was going to the toilet. If not i would have said that I felt like squishing the tomato juice out of him only. hehe. aishh. Then the other day, my dad's friend was in the car when he picked me up from college. He told my dad that i still have the baby face look. There there was many more similiar incidents like, you're 18 already ah? look like 15 or 16 only. Last year, a teacher who blooody hell knew i was form 5 accidently said i was form 3 to my frens class which i went to give something to someone. I was like,

"ye. saya budak PMR."

Ishhh. Ya know, i could always lie bout my age n get away with it easily.

Oh well, on a brighter note. We're moving to the new church building soooon! wheeee can't wait. The place looks/ feels so grand. hehe Next week saturday is Narrowstreet zone's turn to clean. So, after service, during cell time, we're all gonna go over to the new church n clean up the cafeteria/kitchen.

I wanna watch 2Fast2Furios: Tokyo Drift. The cars are so super chunted.

Chemistry test this coming thursday. It's gonna be the whole AS syllabus. Chapter 1 to 10. Dieeeee I've barely been studying.

Hmm, this has got to be my longest post yea. hehe.


  • hmmm.....princess pei pei eh??!!
    this evilness hidden behind a facade????
    well....its ok u dun like me....
    neither do i....=p...keke
    anw.....when u free lar we go watch mi3 k.....or else, da vincci code is coming out...so im game 4 anything atm....till hols end...
    hehe...all e best w/ exams...dat coming frm me??? sounds weird....but yeah...all e best...

    By Blogger sportygal, at Tue May 16, 03:06:00 pm  

  • wakaka. yeaaaa.. I dun wanna watch with u oredi la.. merajuking now. ahahahah.. alahh, i know u love me. that's why u're wishing me all the best. =P

    By Blogger `peiling, at Tue May 16, 06:09:00 pm  


    By Blogger The Easy Man, at Sun May 28, 11:56:00 am  

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