A paradoxical oxymoron?

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Heck. I'm sorry if you think i've ditched and forgotten bout our friendship built during school years. I can't help it if i so happen to not be free when there's a lunch meeting or just a gathering or that i'm not online on MSN anymore. Not like i'm doing it on purpose. I have my reasons. Besides, i still message and talk to some of you now and then. So what if i'm in another college from most of you. Because of that you assume i've changed and accuse me of being a snob that has a new bunch of ppl to be with. Yes, i do have new friends but that doesn't mean i've forgotten you guys. Maybe you ppl are just being over sensitive. Well screw you and your sensitivity. I haven't changed one bit. It's just that you're stuck with the same bunch of ppl from primary or secondary till college. Don't blame me for not studying in the same college as most of you.

then again, sooner or later after hearing too much of all this crap i might start thinking the way you think.

Sigh. i'm in a lousy crappy mood. so mind me. and don't 'terasa' after reading this.


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