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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm back.

Yes. I'm finally back. I'm telling you, it's peer pressure. i'm only posting this post cause everyone's been asking " why never update your blog?" or " no more peer pressure to blog ah?" I tell you, you people are lifeless. reading my blog. lifeless ppl. Neway. i gotta stop crapping.

College so far, well, is ok. Semester exams on June 5th. Dammit, I'm missing E06 because i have trials.Like, what the crap??! The two weeks of hols made me brain dead. Literally. See how random I am.
Cell is going on fine. Saturdays are always good.

Oh yea, sorry girls, namely the love unashamed blog girls, that i haven't even link my blog there and not posting at all. hehe. I know you still love me.. ;)

Now for something more serious, i just suddenly thought of this.

I've just come to realize that being a police can be degrading. Why? Ever notice that while driving, you suddenly get honked over to the side as if some royalty or big shot person is coming. But alas, you come to see that it's just some random idiot who's getting married or maybe it was 2 or 3 bus loads of tourists that needs to hire police escorts to free the way for them. Disgraceful i thought. The police can be hired for a small sum just so that you can act like the road belongs to you. Expecting ppl to give priority to you who doesnt even deserve it.

It's like, "Oh i don't feel like being stuck in a jam. Maybe i'll just hire some police escorts. I'll reach home earlier that way and stress free." and on I go, happily dialing the police department making an appointment.

Sheesh. Funny isnt it, that being a police is a high respectable job but just because of the fact that they can be hired, just makes things go the opposite way.


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