A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, March 06, 2006


Hmm. My second post or more like my first official post. hehe

Neway,today had college as usual. And the same olddd boring Asia Cafe for break again. Was supposed to have a rematch in foosball in Asia Club with Muna but erh, we both felt too lazy to walk up and back down 15 mins later. Lazy bums we are.. But we've finally decided to have the rematch on Wednesday after class.

Oh yea, highlight of the day. Watched Capote in MV. Nice movie. For me la.. don't know bout others taste or defination of good movies. Hehe.. It's based on a true story and i so wanna get the novel. Title is In Cold Blood. After the movie went to MPH with daddy to get the novel but was out of stock including other MPH outlets. booo

I'm off to do homework.

Know what? I think I'm getting the hang of handling this blogging thingamanic.. ;)


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