A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I miss the days when i used to be darker. hehe
I missed being the darkest skinned person in my family. Wait, i still am. I mean the miss blacky of the family. Now, i'm just erh, tanned. hehe

why?? cause i cannot tahan being FAIR.. Scarryy

mel, mel, su, me

And believe me, I used to be darker than i am in the picture. Boleh jadi melayu sialll.

Taken beginning last year

This was taken in LAN (malaysian studies) when we were having a debate. The topic was on the case bout whether the syariah court should overrule the high court. And the weird thing was that all this was done spontaneous. No one was prepared for it. and the ppl who went up, well, was forcely picked because we look and talk like we know our stuff. I mean, we were all still new to this new enviroment, and knowing us malaysians, we couldn't give a shit bout malaysian studies. hehe.. So yea, we were kinda nervous, dah la must use the microphone to speak. isshh hehe

Was suprised i got a good grade despite the fact i didnt study one bit nor really paid attention. Well, all thanks to God. =D Now, all's left of LAN is Moral Education. booo

K, while i'm at it.. here's one from camp!

hehe, i know. This is sooo random but was just looking through some pictures.. n voila!


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