A paradoxical oxymoron?

Friday, January 16, 2009

There's been so much news bout the Gaza bombing incident... and everyone is blaming Israel on it..

The truth is.
This war was already expected. For many years, Israel has been warning the Palestinians to stop their bombing. And what has the media done about it? NOTHING!

If you ask me, the public are just being plain naive and simply start accusing and being angry and all those things without even knowing the whole real story to it. Bet most of you didn't know that Israel was indeed provoked to do what they're doing now.
Israel's just trying to protect themselves and trying to put a stop to everything for all those years of "patience" towards the people who started it.

And on another note, boycotting American products, aren't gonna help much. Infact, you're only doing harm to our own economy.

The franchised products such as Starbucks and McDonald's and all... They may be originally American established brand. But the stores which are franchised and opened in Malaysia itself, are owned by our very own citizens. MALAYSIANS. that's right.
In order to open up a franchise shop in Malaysia, they'd have to pay a huge amount to get the legal franchising documents and all those things. Once approved, everything is up to them"new shop owners" now. Revenues and expenditures are all theirs now.. By boycotting them, it makes no effect to the American companies!

If you're talking bout the imported products? Fine, yes if you want, you can boycott them. That will at least do a little. But, just think of it. The Americans themselves can boycott us back! Sheesh, just wait, later they'll decide to stop importing products from us. Who'll be in a bigger mess?
Lets bring KFC in. KFC you ask? Although their company is based in US or was it Australia.. either one but is actually a Malaysian owned business. What if they closed down all KFC stores in America and whatever other countries that support Israel.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying that I'm all for continuing the bombings and stuffs.
I'm not taking sides or anything.
I'm just stating the truth. Black and white truth that people do not see or are aware of.

Just a couple days back, I saw this video. Do watch it. Should explain a bit on what really happened.
Btw, what I feel up there are all on my of own knowledge. And it was not because of this video.
Perhaps you ought to read a bit from Times and those kinda mags aswell. Maybe they'll help broaden your knowledge and perspectives a bit.


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