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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Brightening Effect

I always took the initiative to be friendly and get to know the school guards or mak cik kantin or some cleaners.

In primary school, I unknowingly got to know the guard much more well, also due to the fact that I would go back late or would just be playing around the guard house.. as well as all those extra activities and camps.

Years later, I moved on to secondary school and even then I started to befriend the guards that I even knew both the morning and night shifts guards. I'd sometimes talk to them when I see them and just have a small talk or even ask how were they. They'd joke and such. (okay, I think the other reason they recognised me was cause I'd end up in school like an hour later, or half way through school or left early sometimes cos of stuffs) There was even one of the makcik kantin whom I don't see very often that'd always talkkkkk alot with a big grin on her face after school when staying back for ECA if she's free.

Even now, some of the guards and random cleaners that I see in uni.

Just the other evening, while heading back to the car, I was having my usual tired look and staring mindlessly looking to the ground as I walked. I noticed ahead was a security guard just standing around making sure of the safety, and I looked up and just gave him a smile. From that bored look he had, he smiled back and even mentioned bout how tired I looked and told me to drive safely home.
And there's those who are at the pondok to check the cars for entering the campus. I think a couple of them recognise me that they'd smile and wave back to me when I pass and I noticed that they don't always do that to the other car in front or behind. I always make it a point to smile and wave a thank you at them when I drive in.

I have this theory where I notice that the security guards at schools and other academic learning places are one of the much happier bunch of guards cause of the students they get to know.

Now, I'm not typing all these here to show how erm, nice I am.. but more on what the outcome is from just being nice to them. I believe that it is when you give that you'll receive.
Ultimately, in the end, I too feel happy to see them happy even if it's that one person.

All that it takes is a smile and it's really nice to see them smile back at you and how their face just sweetens up.

Just ONE smile.

For example, the night shift guard on the 4th floor of church, when I see him, I notice that from his bored stoning look, his face would brighten up more and was happy that someone actually acknowledge his presence. And he'd be really eager to say hi back.

Besides, the smile we give could represent our thankfulness and encouragement to them. Why not share that beautiful smile that God's given you. How hard is it to make someones' day?

How many of you here can say that I know at least one of these people in school/uni or workplace well enough? I have definitely enjoyed listening to some of them talk too. Sometimes, they can be just too funny. It's even nicer to see those really old ones, with erm, bad teeth conditions to smile back and see all their wrinkles not sag that much. haha just shows how genuine their smile is.

I was indeed blessed to be a blessing to be blessed back.

Will you too be the one to start this trigger effect?


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