A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

slow random blurness

In one of the Saturday evening in December, I received a text message during service asking if I was free later.

So, I had the number saved under a name in my phonebook. and I didn't reply because I thought it was someone *whom I thought that person had that name* playing around cause I was messaging earlier on as there were a group of friends and known ppl from Youth and Couz around. So what right?

The funny part comes, one month later, I suddenly realised that I have not a single clue at all who that person is and a person by that name doesnt exist in youth either! LOL. talk bout blurness. (That's what happens when there's 100+ youths and you don't recognise them all by names but by faces...)

Now, the question is, who is that person and why do I have his number saved in my phone.. @.@
I have zilch memory of knowing anyone personally by that name and it's no common name. blergh.

talk about being random and blur. not to mention slow reaction pulak tuuuu!

Oh God help me not be so random and blur. hahaaha


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