A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, June 23, 2008

I think I reached the point where I couldn't take in anymore of it. I blew off at you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, but everything was just at the wrong time. I guess I used you as my "punching bag" if I could put it in another term. It's probably the first time it happened.

I know you already know that. But you know what? I didn't tell you this. Truthfully, I'm glad it happened. Cause, I feel much better now especially with everything that was going on. I feel like a burden's lifted in a way. Or maybe also because exams are over as well. But still, I'll give u some credit for that. :)

Now, the only thing is whether you'll be reading this anytime soon before I see you. considering I barely update my blog and you rarely come here to read. Haha.

And to everyone else.. Yes, you'll never know what happened cause, well, you won't. Hehe

And yes, I guess there's always a limit to everything. No matter how strong and stable you are or, rather appear to be.

Oh, since you're already reading. And I'm too lazy to put up another post..

Exam's over, as you can already tell. I've got a freaking longgg holiday. Till I start Uni. God knows what exactly am I gonna do to fill my days up.

My last day was on Thursday. And I've been going out and doing stuffs. I think let this prolong for 1 more week and I'll be confirmed dead bored already. Yes, I'm the kind that gets bored really easily. So, long holidays are never a good thing for me. Including those 2 week ones.

Supposed to go on a holiday over to UK. But, sigh, I think my laziness
*as in to having to pack and all those stuffs n taking care/cleaning/packing of everything myself since I'd to go alone* overpowered my eagerness to travel and visit my relatives and visit all those places I'd like to go. Culture, Broadway, Euro trips, backpacking :)

Yes. I know. Most of you are thinking that I'm weird and, well,
"stupid" for not going. But, I can't help it!

Since, holiday-ing overseas is out of the list. apart from those local ones or neighbouring countries.. I plan to work.

Notice the word
plan? Now, here's the tricky part. Let's see if I do get to doing that. Haha Well, I've already promised to help out some ppl with their work. But don't think that's enough to keep me occupied.. Maybe, I'll find something else to do. Something that I've been wanting to do for long.

Gosh, I'm so indecisive!

Now, I've to be up by 6am latest. . And I'm staying up to watch the Spain vs Italy game.. Oh, thank God for coffee =) let's hope I don't decide to sleep instead. Although I need alot of it since I've been deprived for the last 2 month. And my dark eye circles are extremely visible now. Those that know, I've barely had dark circles or bags before this. Sighhh.. Old age is catching up I guess. Time to start taking care of my skin. Facial cleansing regime, here I come! No more good ol' plain water.


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