A paradoxical oxymoron?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Okay. Fine. I ended up not watching the match because someone decided to suddenly call me and made me miss half the match. Didn't realize the time... I was like pfft, no point watching. Might as well go sleep since I had to be up at 6..

Ever since Thursday, I've been going out every single day. Literally. From morning till night.. Either out at shopping malls or random shops or at someones' house or both. Crazy I tell you. and different bunch of ppl too. What more with friends who's back from overseas :)

But, it's good. In the sense where I get to catch up with some of my old buddies, and also get a lil
closer to my college friends. :) it's interesting how much things have changed in such a short period of time. I must say, I've had a good time so far..

Going out with my school buddies, really reminds me of secondary school. I really miss those times. The things we used to do in and out of school. The days where we'd "fly" school halfway and walked up to BSC. Skip classes like crazy. The free periods. Hanging out in one of the teachers office room enjoying the air-con. Staying back either for just hanging out or doing things to prepare for sports day until we became really dark. Many other things.. And even some of the things some teachers do.. haha.

But the one thing I really missed most was when I was somewhere between Form 2 and 3.. There was this group of us who'd nearly every Friday walk down to McD's in Telawi and just really spend time bonding :) things changed when, well, some left in Form 4 and also there were some misunderstandings.. But nonetheless, it was still good.

Another thing I really liked bout my school was how everyone who was anyone blended in together. There were students from all walks of life, backgrounds and upbringing. Whether you were rich or not, smart or well, more towards the athletic, the nerd or geek, the popular one, or "social outcast" and whatever else. Whichever race and religion, we generally were friends. We didn't care where we came from. We were all somewhat, if I could use the term, equal. Sure maybe not every single one.. But generally, majority were friends. Not necessarily close, but still we mixed around.

I don't know if everyone agrees with me. But this was how I saw it. Maybe it was different for others, depending on their personality and mentality and experiences.
Truthfully speaking, from what I see and hear, not many schools have that kind of environment. Sure it may not be one of those better school, but still I wouldn't trade it for any other.. I think. haha.. But seriously, which school doesn't have its flaws?

Darn it, this post has left me feeling somewhat nostalgic. XD


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