A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Intelligence to the utmost highest

Gosh. I must be like the most intelligent person in the entire universe.

Despite being totally AWARE of what I was doing. I unintentionally just deleted or rather overwrote ALL my contacts on my phone simcard.

pfffftt.. So, I'm left with erh, bout 30 out of my 300 contacts. How nice, a perfect one tenth.. herh. smart eh. But no worries, I've smartly retraced back some numbers and I will continue doing so by maybe stealing them from others phonebook. So, to those of you who text me, do tell me who you are, or if i ask who are you, don't merajuk, k? :/

Gosh, one of the many reasons why I do not like technology at times. Yes, you heard wait, I mean you read it right. I've always had that hatred for technology so much that when it really gets to me, I'd totally refrain from using any form of it. Well, except for the TV.. hehe.

but not this time, cos i'm happy with the computer downloading all the movies and tv series I want and me being able to watch them.. And that'll be a compensation to what the brainy phone who is unable to like undelete the deleted stuff.. cisssss... Ok. So I like putting the blame on the handphone. Sue me already..


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