A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

to or not to?

Now that my AS finals are over.. My mind is back to this.

I've still no verdict on my dilemma. oh ok. not exactly a dilemma but ah, you get me..

To go or not to go to Singapore during the hols. If I go, I'll go probably around the end of december.

It's been a year plus already since I last went. If feels funny not going back down for so long. I mean, it's cause I used to go down at least once a year last time. It was kinda like a routine thingi. haha..

Well, any last min decision won't matter. Why? I don't need to worry bout money nor a place to stay. There's always the relatives *extra cash aswell ; )* or friends to bunk with..
The only thing to worry is whether I can get an air ticket at that time :)

Geez, there's no point on pondering bout taking the coach. I can fully assure you there's barely any seats available already at this time.. then again, it's gonna be me only. So maybe, just maybeeee, there's that one lonely empty seat.


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