A paradoxical oxymoron?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

single and unavailable

i'm just here to make a clarification.

i don't have someone special. nor do i like anyone at the moment.
and i intend to keep it that way. till i erh, dunno la. it'll happen. i think. hehe

and stop asking me if there's anyone who likes me. even if there is and it's so obvious and even if i know i always buat tak tau.

so yea, i'll continue to act dumb and blur.
unless if that someone makes me feel different and also must have the connection. basically if he stands out. that is a whole different ball game. till then ;)

why? cause i'm happy with the way things are now.

why so sudden? cos, it is said that some of my postings sounds like i've got someone. and ppl keep bugging me to go intro to them. cheh. mengacau aje.

some of them is just me being emo, some is really for that "you" because someone did brighten up my day. others is just me emo-ing. really.

i just realized that i don't have any criteria list.
maybe i should start thinking properly. and start erh being serious in relationships..
cos apparently, i'm old already. must start thinking. cissss.
say ppl, but you yourself should be the one to start. hehe you know who you are. ;)

okay. now that's off. now for the random part.. laadeeedumdum

friendster is super poyo but then everyone uses it.
i even remember myself saying that in 2003. ciss. heheh
oh well, at least it's not lagging or hanging orwhatever bullll like it used to.
the only thing that really annoys me now is all those fwd msgs flooding my inbox. annoying sial

till the next time.


  • hahaha... suddenly...

    being single and unavailable, but the exception always apply eh?

    i'd find that guy for you. *grin*

    By Blogger Felix :O), at Sun Oct 29, 12:50:00 am  

  • well. hahah. yea felix.

    there's always that exception. Just the timing. hahahaha

    I'd be waiting for the guy you find. And we'll see how i treat him. probly scare him off to see if he can tahan me for the years to come eh? ahhahaha :)

    By Blogger `peiling, at Sat Nov 18, 02:58:00 am  

  • i mean *try to scare him off if he got potential la. heheh ;P

    By Blogger `peiling, at Sat Nov 18, 03:00:00 am  

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