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Monday, October 16, 2006

warning : stupid random pointless post

so, whilst eating my plain porridge which i tapau-ed with an added slightly overcooked egg thanks to the darned tiny jam. which appeared outtanowhere.

speaking of tapau-ed food. i havent eaten homecooked food for like ages already. and i end up eating it alone, infront of the comp. hehe well, for dinner usually la.

k. had my maths paper 1 today. shizzles. i don't know. it was ok. well, it was harder than all the past year papers. forgodknowswhatreason. apparently, my dad's friend said that the cambridge papers are gonna be extra high standard now. so everything's tougher. looks like it's for real.

after the exam i could hear like practically everyone talking bout aiyo, that question so this and that. shitt. i cannot prove and all that. oh the pressure is everywhere eventhough it's just the very beginning.

F*shit la. every time the syllabus or the exam style changes in my year. PMR SPM now A-Levels. pfffft.

the main thing i wanted to rant about is the fact that tomorrow for my chemistry practical exam. i'm in the 4th shift. the last shift. pffft. what's worse is that my quarantine time is from 11.45 till 2.55. n the exam ends at 4.30.. gahhhh. bad enough i'm "imprisoned" for bout 3 hours plus. worst is, quarantine venue is in MPH. the darned coldest place ever in college. and also, some people that i don't want to see will be at the same place. cheee

oh well. i'm off now. to try and study. hehe


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