A paradoxical oxymoron?

Monday, August 21, 2006


so, tell me again why i've to drive to college?
because mumsy dearest would rather do her own things then have to go all the way to subang and home. twice a day. isshhh. evil women. i knew i shouldn't have gotten my license just yet then she'd have no choice.. then again, she's quite busy now with the E06 conference going on. oh wellllll....

ooh. and it turns out that i won't be home alone for a month. mumsy decided not to go to UK with my bro. dad's still going. at the same time having his "second childhood". hehe not literally but he'll be galavanting around europe again. just like they all did when they were studying there. Wait, make that "second teenage-years"

actually, whether or not they're here. the house has always been empty. quite rare to have more than two ppl in the house at the same time. but most of the time, it's just my darling baby girl that's all alone. that 10 year old bitch of mine. ; )

oh how i love her so much that i'd die if she was gone.. just like how i cried and emo-ed for 2 whole days when my hamster of 4 years passed away cause it had a lump in the stomach.. so imagine what'd i be like when she's gone. sigh

random fact : Given a choice, I'd rather stay here and do half my studies here n the other half there then to go there full years. It's just me.. and my bro. hehe he even decided last min not to go last year.


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