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Friday, July 28, 2006

United 93

September 11, 2001.
Four planes were hijacked.
Three of them reached their target.

This is the story of the fourth.

United 93. The movie

I feel like doing a pathetic review on United 93. Watched it during LAN last tuesday if i'm not mistaken. It was an okay show.

Flight 93, if you must know, is a movie dedicated to the airplane Flight 93 that was able to avoid crashing their target, one of USA's powerful landmarks. Yup. The fourth flight but they ended up crashing somewhere else (incase you didnt know). So yea, the movie showed bout how this 40 passengers and flight attendents tried to take back control of the hijacked plan but only at the last min.

Ok. the movie was less of an okay show. it was welllll... slightly below average.. I've seen much better dedication movies where the actors and directing could potray the story line so well. This was stupidly directed and the actors.. they were a riot. In a pathetic kind of way. It was sooo fake esp the mother of one of the passenger. But what i liked was the acting of the terrorists. they really showed emotion. The pressure. Facial expressions were seen. Unlike the americans. pffftt..

It seemed like they were making a movie on how much the Al Qaeda loved and had pride in their country that they were willing to do suicide despite their young age instead of a dedication to the flight 93 passengers. Sure the movie was triggering emotions but somehow you won't feel satisfied with what you saw.

Oh ok this isn't a review. More like my opinion.

Now, if you want to read the real story...

let's trigger back some memories..


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