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Monday, August 07, 2006


At this date, exactly this time, was the day i first got my hands on my 'P' driving license. Yup that makes today my 4th month annivarsary of being a probational driver.

After nearly 2 and a half months of avoiding taking driving lessons my parents signed me up without my knowledge. sorta. evil arent they. Just because the lady called to say that my 'L' was to expire on the 10th april. Started lessons in march. And voila, took the test a week before the expiry.

3rd April :
Took the test. rained a lil. bout 4 hours later. Passed. Easy peasy. My tester was a really nice friendly guy (well, maybe cause i was one of the early ones hehe) whose name sounded like a girls name. met quite a few old friends there and made some new ones. Two of them happen to be HOT guys! ahah.

7th April :
Got my hands on the ugly P license. wheee? haha. it was ok. Drove for the first time as a legal driver that night itself.

12th May :
Was given the approval of driving without provision. My first time driving alone. Also happens to be my birthday. What's nicer that it was a public holiday! ahah. Picked up a few friends from bangsar and bandar utama and scooted of to One Utama. Was over there for a whooping 9 hours. With different groups of ppl la.

About 2 weeks later, I was officially labelled a chauffeur by my parents. sheeshh.. not anymore actually. I've been to lazy to drive already. So i try to avoid driving at much as possible. Heheh. I'm still being chauffeured around by my parents! wheeeee.. this is fun.

Ya know what? people always said that once you're able to drive, there's much more freedom. Frankly speaking. I don't see or feel any difference. I've had as much freedom then as i have now. Which is actually alot. I go out anytime anywhere. I don't even need to ask my parents. poof. Just tell them i'm going out. hmm. i love my parents. teehee


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