A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oooo... there's this new student in my class. differed from the last sem. cute. chinese indon fella. meaning chinese from indonesia(if you dont understand). Budak Chindon :p. Bali land! wheee.. Bali. nice. Asian version of watersports heaven there. kinda.. Lib Jien look a like. seriously. no kidding.

chem practical this tues. trials officially starts sooon. stressssss. pimples popping out like crazy. getting dark again. No thanks to the darned yet lovable happy glaring sun. daddy gave me that eyer, you getting dark already face. he called me chindian girl yesterday.. daddy going outstation soon ( Either Jakarta or Kuching. Don't remember..) more eyer. must drive to college. oh well, at least only for a week. shessh.

my brother bought his new digital camera and laptop. eyerrr. means the time for him to leave is getting nearer. NOOOOO! hehe. funny hearing me say that. but i kinda dont want him to go : (

YES. I did type that. you're not hallucinating or imagining it.. hehe..
Nvm. I've still got a month to go to make it up to him. hehe seee. i'm such a nice sister ; )

i've been listening to too many emo songs. getting emo-fied. i've developed a sudden habit for afternoon naps started this monday. shitt. not good.


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