A paradoxical oxymoron?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tony Fernandez came to college that other day to give an entrepreneur talk.

was shocked to find out that a majority of ppl dont know who Tony is. LIKE HELLLOOOO?? i mean if you've at least heard of him but don't know what he does then it's ok la. but they don't know he even exists. shitttt. Blame it on not reading papers. yea rite. i barely read newspapers either yet i know who is he. what he does. better yet, i even know bout airbus. talk about ignorance.


did you know.

A spot in London's West End now costs about $898 a month, with a daily rate of $58.80. And in Tokyo, drivers pay about $84.20 per day to park, while a monthly spot costs $702.


I finally found something where the price reduced to about half the usual price paid eversince the raise in petrol. Road tax. Seriously. I was shocked. I mean like for one of the car. the road tax used to be RM 250++ but now it's only nearly RM110.. shitttt. finally something that's not increased caused by the petrol inflation.


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