A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Now i remember what i wanted to say yesterday. I stumbled upon an entertainment news saying that Lance Bass is gay! He made the public announcement to PEOPLE mag.. funny enough he doesnt look anywhere near gay. hmmm i was like.. why is it the cute good looking one that's always gay..

today was a day "fillleeddd" with a camera zooming at me when i talked and capturing my ever so pathetic laughing gestures. teehee.. and a really stuupid nutty-fied joke randomly made..

Sharon.. lucky we didnt laugh like CRAAAZYYYY today. if not the lens surely crack and the guy would freak out! haha

today last day of service and cell till Sept.. oh the joy of free sats?

enough for now. Physics here i commmeee!

crap. i'm really high now. must have been all the raisins..

i have a big urge to watch Mind Your Language.. effing hilarious i tell you. I shall go download it. YAY! :)


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