A paradoxical oxymoron?

Friday, February 12, 2010

side note, I've got this unknown disturbing feeling. I'm wondering whether it's cause I'm slowly leaning on an indifferent feeling wall, or that I've been consuming too many things that I really shouldn't. Thoughts and wants that i shouldn't sidetrack towards. I don't know. Infact I'm not sure even if those things i just stated are really happening. It's just that feeling.
But one thing's for sure is that I'm definite of why God had planned that one year fallback. That one more extra year for me to be brokened and molded again. The year where prayers and heart desires were answered with tonnes of growth. Denied and unadmittable struggles deep inside the heart were overcomed.

Coming here, was barely even on my mind at initial stages. Infact, I was hard headed on not even bothering to go overseas to study. Heck, but God did show to me that He wanted me to go. To move, to grow, to go to a higher level. Well, obviously there was the Godly side, and why not, I mean there's this opportunity that many couldn't get in my Uni for business school. The thing was that the transfer thing was supposed to be stopped for my school last year but didn't. And only 5 people would be chosen. Parents told me to try applying first. And there it goes.

3 reasons that made me go.
1. Parents would've love for me to go although they'd very much love me to stay aswell. *parents... sheesh. hahaha*
2. I wanted the exposure, the experience. something new. It was an opportunity, why waste it?
3. God say go, go lorr :P haha

Lastly, before I pen off, I'll say that many things have changed despite the short time. Things back home, things here. With me, my brother, my dad and mom. With some people back home. Everyone's being molded still. =) And I really am happy with the things I'm hearing. My heart's quiet and longing desire is slowly turning out real. See prayers do come true all in God's timing <3


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