A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

when the day was filled with good happenings.
when receiving good or pleasing news/mails.
when silence was a good sign.
when consideration was put to use.
when the timing was perfect.
when something new was learnt.
when being challenged with something so full of drive.
when having the right companion(s)

what more can I say but that the day was perfect and thank God for those two days. and not forgetting today =)

on a side note. It's rather interesting and that I suddenly realised that for 1 whole week, the topic of dating and courtship was raised four times incidentally with different people.


have YOU ever thought of where your life is heading to?
What and why are you living for. Really.
Is YOUR life currently or going to make or contribute to a difference?
Will there be an inspiring part or story of your life journey that you'll proudly tell to your coming generations over and over again without getting bored


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