A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nottingham has been great so far. So was London and Birmingham and a few other places =)

just a quick update to everyone saying that I've finally moved into my permanent accommodation bout for a week already and have been reallly busy with registrations and been going out quite a bit also :P

and class officially starts this monday, i.e. tomorrow =)

Just watch out for this site soon i'll be back with more =)

just to show you a quick peek of how big my uni can be.

If you thought that this was part of the town or city. you're only half right. It's actually part of my uni. hahahahaha it's like the whole main campus itself is like a city in another city itself but isn't ;)

walking from one end to another would be killing. so, busses it is that we take to get from one building to another. =)

Mixture of modern and old style traditional buildings

if you can see, that's the really huge lake at the main campus. it's like HUGE lah. haha probably the size of mid valley. not including gardens i think :P

as city looking at it is, it's really more country style like and this two pics below are one eighth of my business school campus =) the other huge lake with the ducks

(p/s : Yes, I had a duck fascination over there :P)

and we've 3 main campus in total which are bout between 15-45 mins, by BUS mind you, depending on which ones. not including the medical school/hospital and some others =)

till I next see you all
God bless


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