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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tears of beauty

I've mentioned Paul Potts before.. Now to talk bout the other special contestant in the show. Connie Talbot, a talented six year old.

For a six year old, she's got a really amazing sweet angelic voice and what more cute with that adorable sweeet smile! And really sweet in nature. Not forgetting matured for her age.
However I do think that she's getting a tad bit more attention than she should be. Because she's six.. and well, a really cute lil girl. Who wouldn't be giving all that extra attention.
Nevertheless, I still think she's great. Breath taking

She's got the voice that's so pure and innocently angelic yet powerful that can make you want to go all emotional by just hearing her very well pitched singing of evergreens and oldies. What more an all time classic lullaby like "Over the Rainbow" for a start.

Though I must say I prefer her performance during the auditions. That really made me want to shed tears.


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