A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been internet-ly MIA for 2 weeks.. because my darned internet card was fried.. so couldnt come online at all. N i was to malas to go anywhere else or find other means of going online. LOL.

And now, hallelujah. I changed the card n reformat the comp n i'm back to my old habits :P. which isnt much of a hallelujah-ing moment for. gargh.

I know.. certain someones have been missing me way too darned much that they cant contain it in anymore. And frust about it with constant nags :P now i'm able to.. erm, erh,.. nevermind. ahhaha.

And Yee San.. Since u mentioned a few times already i shall give u an honor to appear in my blog. hahaha.

I miss you too.. and yee mun. n our "only infront of and with each other" stupid moments. Come back soon.. with my Flakes. I want them more than i want u :P have fun over there :)


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