A paradoxical oxymoron?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

early mornings, late nights

What does one do when one has only slept for a total span of 3 hours in two whole days.? Literally 3 out of 43 hours..
Sit in front of the computer to type this ranting sleep deprived post.

Was up at 6 am on Thursday. Had classes 8-2. with some additional stuffs till 4. Went out for a while. Slept at (an amazingly early time for me XD) 8 to bout 11 ish. Watched TV till 1. Stoned for half an hour and was finally moving my ass to study n finish up things. while "multi-tasking" online. XP.. heheh..

I was up till when you ask? Till NOW. And I'm still WIDE AWAKE. OhMyGoodness lah

What more, had a fulll day today. 9 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Friday, oh glorious Friday

Kidzone Fun camp session with the preteens..
Meeting at 7.15. for an hour.
Shower AND Dinner ( mind you, in 15 minutes AND NOT done together)... mashedpotatoes(yummmeh)..

Rushed off for cell group, till 12. And guess what, it was pointless to have went today. Should've stayed home instead and sleeeep.
All the inhouse plannings/discussions.. For events which I most probably wont be able to make for. Bahhh

Yes. It's now 1:30 am on the dot. And I've yet to prepare for NSt.. goodnessssss.
Which leaves me to.. at most a good 6 hour sleep (if I sleep right after) =)
and back to starting another long day.. >.<

Then again.. I always have very little sleep anyway =S

Amazing huh, how I look/seem so awake, calm, "afresh" and not dead looking.. [whatever else you wanna add]..
and brains still rather functional :D
I never cease to wonder myself. =P

Now. How do I make myself sleep when I'm not feeling a tad bit sleepy.??


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