A paradoxical oxymoron?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I think I've effing come to the point where I'm so gonna fail one paper. My last paper for the semester tomorrow. There goes my frigging first class honours. I think after this exam I'd be glad to even get a second upper or lower the least.. Don't think I did that bad to go any lower i think.. Haha.

Then again, whatever it is. I've surrender it all to God.

Anyway, besides the point. I've got till 12 pm tomorrow to make sure all the cases and sections of the acts I've studied remains in my brain cells somewhere. Here I am succumbing to blogging to frustrate out the frustration. *smack upsidedowninsideout*

So update. I'm contemplating either options.

1. Transfer to the UK campus for the remaining two years.
2. Mobility exchange student for one semester in China campus and the other in UK campus for 2nd year and finish up 3rd year here.
3. Just go for mobility in UK campus for one semester and the rest here.
4. Just reject all the offers and stay here the remaining two years.

Aiyoh. why so hard for me to make decision oneeeeeeee ahh.?? (Cina-slang)

I know it's not simple to be offered a spot in either transfer and mobility. So, despite how tempting option 4 sounds, it'd be such a waste though.

Aiyoyoooo.. How la? (Indian slang)

There update. Just because I need to do something else other than studying and that's not too long and time consuming, addiction possibility like tv.

I've concluded for myself that the more I study, the less I remember. The minimum time spent finishing, the better. wahlau where can one! fail big time.


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